Sunday, June 24, 2012


"It is not the heat but the humidity that will get you" is a common saying. On Saturday this could not have been any further from the truth. It was the very dry breeze that I think got me. It was warm for sure, but I hardly felt like I was sweating. I drank every bottle until I could get nothing more out. And with each not just warm, but hot sip I got more thirsty. I had some sport beans that I polished off and even the gel on the start line didn't really help. I still paid.
My first lap was good. I felt strong and fast once I got into my pedal and caught back up with the group. I was pushing hard. On my second lap I started to feel it. And my third lap was simply survival...again. I started to just spin the legs in hopes I would not have a full muscle seizure in either calf or quad. I kept feeling cramps come on but was able to keep them at essentially at bay.
Photo cred: Brad Mullen (thanks!)

Photo cred: Brad Mullen

My racing luck has to turn around sometime, right?

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