Sunday, June 17, 2012

Getting Settled

Now that I am back from Japan, I spent the week trying to get settled back into my normal routine. Only this week was far from normal. I did not get home before 9 all week with the exception of Tuesday. Monday I headed up to Park City dodging orange cones almost the entire way there to help my good friend ET with a ride. I swept so the pace was super laid back--just what I needed. Wednesday World Cup. Thursday Ride Like a Girl. Friday I had to work late.

Saturday was fantastic though. Our cycling estranged friend, Dan, came back to the fold and organized a ride up Rock Canyon and down Squaw Peak. I had not done this ride since last fall and forgot how much fun it is. A good group showed up to rekindle their friendship with Dan. Then Chris, Matt, Steve and I added a Dry Loop as the temperature started to rise. Then we separated and headed back home or to our vehicle. A good time for sure.

Dan and I waiting for a regroup

Photo creds to Keith. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Is this KC Chapman from BYU? This is Karen Taylor. I was looking for you on FB, but didn't see you but found your blog. How are you? Would love to catch up sometime. Are you on FB?


KC said...

Yes, Karen this is KC. There are a quite a few Karen Taylor's on facebook and I am not sure if you are using your maiden name. I am under Kara C. Holley. I promise to "friend" you.