Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mt. Ogden 100 K

Same results as last year, but a much different day. It is funny how that goes. Last year I took fourth and was disappointed in my performance. I again took fourth this year, but felt like I had a really good day. I rode steady and consistent, but much faster. (I shaved a cool 30+ minutes off of my time.) I totally forgot (i.e. repressed) that Sardine Climb until it was mentioned on the start line. Son of a...! It went better this time around though.
I opted to simply swap hydration packs as I passed through the start finish. Joan and Brad were there to assist, offer food, lube chain and other assistance. It was greatly appreciated. I feel blessed to have so many great friends within the cycling community that are willing to help me physically and emotionally at these events.
I was on the verge of cramping by the end again. On the road climb I had to stand up to avoid it, but then my arms would fatigue. So I would sit down until my calf almost seized. Up and down I would alternate. I made it back safely though.
 Lately, as in the last couple of years, I have not really pushed as hard I should or could in my endurance race ventures. Yesterday I did. By the end I was spent. That alone was a success for me.
Again, the event was incredibly well put together. Thanks to Steve Andrus and Snow Basin. Aid station workers were attentive and helpful. If you are looking for a great endurance events this is a definite must do.
Here are some before photos from the start line--Thanks Brad!

I think this is one of my all time favorites pics of Chris.

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