Sunday, August 26, 2012


Yielding by definition means to give the right of way.
We live on a corner lot. The intersection right outside our house has yield signs for the traffic heading East and West, while the traffic going North and South has the right of way. There is a pretty good accident a couple of times each year because those who are supposed to yield simply pass through the failing to look and yield. 
Conversely, I rode in Park City on Wednesday. (I had a meeting up there for work and decided to opt out of the dinner portion for some MTBing. Definitely a good choice.) I climbed Spiro. And I came up on a few guys during my climb. Each of them stopped and got off the trail so I could climb by them. In my mind this was over kill. Is there not an in between?
The trail in most areas was plenty wide for us each to get over some and neither would have to put a foot down. To me, this would constitute "yielding the trail". Am I off base? Within the MTB community does yielding to climbing riders entail stopping and getting off the trail? I must be honest, I rarely do this. Am I out of line? How do you define yielding the trail? 

And here are some more pix from Mt. Ogden:

Just little checks when you finish off the podium

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StupidBike said...

I always yield to uphill riders, most trails i can hug the side, and stay on the bike, but, the problem is, some riders are much newer and very nervous, or maybe the rider in front of me didn't yield and blew them off the trail. Either way, i do what i can to ease their mind, telling them to keep coming, good job etc.... Maybe the downhill riders you encountered needed to pee :)