Sunday, September 02, 2012

PCP2P: Some days....

My goal coming into the P2P was sub-9. If I could do that I would consider my ride a success.
Arriving in PC on Saturday morning, it was raining. Not just sprinkling but raining like it hasn't rained all summer long. We arrived at the start and were told the race would be postponed an hour. So start time was now scheduled for 8 am. People started congregating and the chatter was no Round Valley, maybe it would be pushed back until tomorrow, who could do it the next day, what about Monday.
Jay, the race promoter, took the stand to get a consensus on what everyone wanted to do, made a few calls to ensure the trails were ridable and the start would officially be at 8:15 and no RV.
I was not super excited. I don't care for the mud and have a tendency to get chilled (i.e. cold) easily. A friend and PC assured me that it would clear and be a beautiful day. 
We lined up. I started towards the front until I heard that it was the 7-8 hour wave. I looked around and did not feel I belonged in that group. I stepped out and back to the 8-9 hour group where I saw some of the usual people I race against. Two minutes later we took off. The first bit was flat and fast and let me know my gearing would not be too low. I was running my 1X10 with a 26t up front. Meghan catches up to me as we approach the single track. She enters first behind a line of guys. The pace climbing was good for me. I was anxious to descend faster and almost rear ended Meghan at one point around a wet curve as she shaved off more speed than I expected. I was able to stay upright, barely. Meghan wanted to climb faster. So we started to ask if we could get by. We exchanged positions on the way to Deer Valley where I got in front and put in a small gap. She was cracking me up though with her constant chatter. I loved it even though I could not really respond. She caught me again as we came out of the Silver Lake feed zone. I exchanged my camelbak, got my chain lubed and glasses cleaned--thank you Tiffany and Lance! We rode together for a bit longer and then I lost her after the Bowhunter area.
Coming thru Silver Lake (MTB Race News)
From there I was pretty much on my own. I would run in to guys now and then. Sit behind them for a bit, exchange positions, etc. I felt I was riding super constant. I felt at ease but as if I had a good pace. Descending was a blast. I would get time splits from bystanders occasionally, but rarely trusted them. I was pretty sure I was in 4th with some time between us. I caught a girl on John's after she ran into a trail runner. She caught me on the climb out, but I passed her again before PCMR and did not see her again.
I picked up another camelbak at PCMR, downed a bag of sport beans, and was off. Thanks to Tiffany and Heather for the support there. I knew I had to climb Spiro nice and steady and then the fun techy stuff would come, more climbing and then I would be at the Canyons. As I started to descend the Canyons I could hear a storm approaching. There was lots of thunder and then came some lightening. Race the rain was my mantra. I was so close. If it did start raining before I finished I did not notice, but after I crossed the finish line it was definitely raining. My time: 7:24! If we had done RV, I am pretty sure I would have met my goal and maybe of finished around 8:30. I was super excited to have had such a good day.
(MTB Race News)


Daniel Zvirzdin said...

A "good day" might be an understatement, you rocked it. Nice job KC.

Paddle Park City said...

YES!!! I am so happy to hear how well you did. Congrats!

Aaron said...

KC, you may have graduated to where you could ride with me while I'm on a tempo day (rather than just recovery). Seriously, that's a wicked fast time, nice work.

KC said...

Aaron: Really a tempo day? Now I know I am big time. Thanks!

Erica said...

Nice work KC! That was a solid performance at a crazy hard race!