Monday, September 17, 2012


The Draper Fall Classic closes out the official race season for me. Thanks to MTB Race Productions (or USCS) for a second great year of races.
My race went pretty well. I was not as fast on the day as Meghan or Jen, both of whom ripped it up. But I still had a decent race all in all. Here are a few notes/thoughts from my race

  • I hated the hike-a-bike. But I heard that land use issues warranted it. I felt I lost time on this section on both laps.
  •  Kevin (Day) and I seemed to be a MTB rendition of the tortoise and the hare. I passed him; he passed me but then would stop. I would pass again; then he would stop. And so on. Interesting the P2P also had some of this.
  • Two guys made sudden stops right in front of me causing me to quickly maneuver around them. One of whom had a rear tire blurp; the other had to stop to talk to a friend or something. All was well though.
  • That course called for being on the gas practically the whole time. Even the sweet descending still required physical work. It was hard.
  • I was not fond of the head wind. I may have appreciated it other places unknowingly, but I definitely did not like heading into it.
  •  On my second lap, I was so excited to get to Rush. Then half way down I remembered I still had to climb above “the silica pit”. I was so bummed.

Chris’ race was going awesome. Then he bonked…hard. He was totally confused as he said he was constantly sipping his camelback. He had to soft pedal up Clark’s on his second lap. He stopped on the way down Rush to throw-up a bladder and a half worth of liquids. Now the bonk made more sense as he was apparently not digesting anything. He did finish but not as well as he would have hoped. I felt so bad for him. I know he must have been so excited to be feeling and riding as well as he was for the first lap and a half.
Maybe some pictures to follow.

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