Thursday, September 06, 2012

Am I sick or not?

Is it me or sometimes is it hard to tell if you are getting (or are really) sick? So after racing the P2P on Saturday, I did not touch my bike on Sunday except to take it off the car. On Monday though we did a a longer ride--just under 4 hours. On the way home (about a 20 minute drive), I did not feel so well.
By the time we were back, I did not want to eat. My stomach was a mess, which sometimes happens post-ride although this ride was not that hard. My legs got achy--makes sense given my recent activities. The headache I felt during the race came back--dehydration?, low blood sugar? And I was plain tired--fatigue would make sense. Is this the flu or just a post ride gut ache, tired legs, fatigue, headache? I was miserable for hours. Chris got me some Sprite which I sipped. I slept on and off the rest of that afternoon and evening. And started to feel a bit better around 8 pm. I snacked on few tortilla chips but that was almost too much. I watched Conan and then fell asleep until morning.
I felt so much better upon awaking; I no longer ached. Food was doable  although I was pickier than usual and could only do small quantities for a day or so.
I think it is harder for people (athletes) who are used to pushing their bodies to differentiate between illness and simply aftermath. Why wouldn't I be fatigued and a bit achy after the weekend I endured?
This has made me question the quality of my recovery thus far but I was apparently just one "stomach flu" away from my race weight. 

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