Monday, October 01, 2012

Changing it up

I think Chris is getting a bit bored with what we normally ride. This weekend we still rode in the same general area (i.e. the mouth of provo canyon), but we did hit some different trails. At the end of it all, Chris concluded it was a good weekend of riding. I would concur.
So what was different? Well, we hit some trails that fall outside of our normal repertoire. For example, we rode up to Lambert Park after a typical Dry Loop. My goal was to ride fast enough to keep Chris' heart rate above 125. That is hard for me. Not so much on the climbs, but on the flats. None the less, I was tired at the end of that four hours.
We also did a Rock Canyon-Squaw Peak loop. This was an odd ride for a few reasons. First, as we started on the road out of the top Rock Canyon, we hear gun shots. As we came around a bend, I was a bit in front and it appears this old guy shooting from his truck is aiming (and shooting) down the trail towards where we are riding. I yell "hey" so he knows we are there. He stops shooting; we barely fit around his truck which is parked in the middle of the road. I just keep riding, but I hear Chris ask him which direction he is shooting. Yep, down the road. Chris advises him that there is a good chance people are using the trails down there and he might want to be careful.
After climbing the road and descending some single track, we come upon a tent which is pitched over the trail. We can barely get around it and between the brush/debris. Who pitches a tent over a trail?
Then we get followed by some very excited dogs. The responsible owners did yell for them and I think eventually chased them down. We just kept riding as we were not sure how friendly they would be if I stopped. We then rode towards Bridal Veil and took the Meadow up to the upper road and down Zorro to avoid the paved trail.
Now it is time to rest and get some snap back in the legs for this weekend's adventure. 

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