Sunday, October 21, 2012

I love autumn riding

MTBing in the fall is some  of my favorite. Serious, consistent racing is done so riding is more laid back (i.e. enjoyable). Temps are about perfect. The only downside is fleeting daylight.

Chris enjoying a ride (photo:Keith)

As for the not so serious racing, Chris and I joined Kieth and Ty on a 4 Man Coed down at the final 24 Hours of Moab. The course was slow and sandy. I would have liked better lap times--especially my last lap. The is pretty par though, don't we always want better times. The guys were able to hold off the competition and we ended up taking the podium...and the overall. I was pretty stoked for this because Keith was on our team. I thought is was a great ending for the race.

Chris smiling at base camp (photo: Brad)

Podium shot (photo: Keith's phone)
 Then we spend a week recovering to see if we could feel good at Frog Hollow. Chris was pretty spent but felt he could do it duo. I would have preferred solo, but agreed to ride with him. Aron Ralston was speaking the night before so we packed up the car. Listened to him speak, which was totally worth it. Rushed home and to bed. Got up at 3:30 am. Left by 4 to drive to the venue. It rained pretty good the day and night before so things were wet. The first laps were slow but it got fast as the day wore on. My second lap I had tire issues. My front tire is awesome but just not very beefy. It also may have been low on Stan's. Ok, it was definitely low on Stan's. I nursed it back to the finish with an embarrassingly slow lap time. My final lap was good though. Chris got the fastest lap with his final lap of the day.
Chris on the 6 H Course

KC out on course

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