Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Little Goose Before Turkey

We went down to St. G last weekend and it was DE-LIGHT-FUL. We were actually crashing Kimberly's  birthday party (I don't know Kimberly). ET invited us. We rode with a bunch of her friends from Vegas on Gooseberry Mesa. Most of them were on single speeds but they were all able to ride them well. And it was ET's first time on Gooseberry and second time on a single speed.
The weather was nice but a bit funky. We rode in and out of rain showers never getting too wet. Then a cloud parked over us for a bit and it got a bit more wet. Luckily it never got cold. Then the sun came out again. It was pure fun except when I would pop out of my pedals.
We through and put my Sram XX parts on my 2010 Superfly. Chris just serviced the fork and it felt smooth--better than I thought it would.

We also headed out to Santa Clara and did a run on the Rim Trails and then Barrel Roll. It was a great, quick trip down south. A perfect lead up to Thanksgiving.
And by the time we got home all the snow had melted. Bonus!

Here are some photos I stole from ET. 

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