Saturday, November 24, 2012

Four Days of Fun

 Chris and I spent four days in South Eastern Utah and it did not disappoint. It was filled with two wheeled goodness on dirt and sandstone. The night before we were to leave we realized that I really did not have a bike that was reliably rideable so Chris put together his Superfly and let me ride it for the weekend. It felt funky--big with wide sweeping handlebars--at first but I was able to adapt. I ended up endo-ing it too and scuffing the handle bars. The bike landed square upside down with me pinned underneath it. Just some bumps and bruises on me.
Somewhat at the last minute we decided to do a day in Grand Junction. We rode some of the trails out in the Lunch Loop area. I did not mind it so much, but Chris did not appreciated having to walk his bike--welcome to my world. If we were more familiar with the direction to ride everything it would have been more enjoyable. None the less, we did definitely like Gunny Loop and Holy Cross. Not sure if it is better than Moab though.
Moab was delightful. Everyday was about 60F and sunny. Chilly and warm all wrapped up in one. We hit the usual stuff--Pipe Dream, Amasa Back, Moab Brand, Sovereign, etc. Sovereign was not as fun as it usually is. My legs were spent and it was really dry and loose from motos. Some obstacles were changed to be too easy while others were unrideable. It was an odd trip up and back.
The Tingeys joined us for day four. ET had never ridden in Moab before and JT has once before I think. So we took them on Amasa Back (w/ Pothole Arch).  We even saw three BASE jumpers while getting ready. I stopped and took lots of photos as they had not experienced it before. Here are some of the views:


ET and JT almost at the top
At the top
Chris at Potash overlook
ET coming back down
ET is just behind the rock

Chris attempting the serious climb
So close!

Tex at Moab Brand Parking Lot
Chris on Soveriegn

Chris and JT during the first stop

ET making some adjustments

After Amasa Back, we went out to the new Klondike Bluffs stuff. The Tingeys got called home early so they had limited time. But did Dino which was a flowy delight. They headed back and we took EKG, a bit of Little Salty, and UFO. UFO was a blast. We definitely want to do more in this area and put together a spectacular loop which we believe could rival what we do on Moab Brand. Chris was giddy the entire time we were riding this area.
I think we probably got 16 to 17 hours worth of riding in this week. I also realized that I am not sure about ever doing a stage race because I am SPENT. But I cannot wait to do it again.

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KanyonKris said...

I had the same reaction to Fruita - why am I off my bike so much? Our first time riding Tabeguache (Lunch Loops) we took old double-tracks up (ugly, not fun) but last time we went up Eagle which is a much better climbing route.

My favorite Klondike route is: north on EKG, up Mega Steps, down Baby Steps North, south on EKG (or Dino Flow), up Little Salty and UFO, then Baby Steps and down on Baby Steps South, then back to the car via Dino Flow.