Monday, November 12, 2012

Winter Hit

Winter hit hard this weekend. I think we got more snow in this storm than we did all winter last year. But earlier this week it was 70 degrees. Chris and I tried to capitalize on the mild weather and did some great fall riding. We did Rock Canyon to Squaw Peak on Thursday and it got dark--really dark--on us. We had brought some back up lights that we thought we might need on the road to get back to the car, but ended up needing them just to get down. 
Friday it cooled off and the storm started coming in. On Saturday morning we woke up to almost a foot a snow. Our poor little apple trees looked like bushes. 

Our trees

Where are our garden used to be
But we are optimist and took the fat bikes out. Chris had to spend the morning putting mine back together as parts were stolen for another bike this summer.  The snow was really good and we got in our first real snow ride. Last year we rode, but it was more frustrating than anything else. We packed down the race course re-riding a couple of sections. We also had to clear some of bushes that were hanging down covering the trail. And then it was great.
That is a big front wheel

Chris coming around a bend

Shaking the snow off the bushes so we can get through

The Mukluk

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Daniel Zvirzdin said...

I thought those were your tracks up on the race course on Saturday. Nice.