Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Vision Quest V

It was one year ago today that I did it. I went under the laser. And it was probably one of the best decisions ever. The ability to take my glasses off whether they are steamy or dirty or the light is changing has been incredibly convenient. I love having this freedom.
I tried the contact thing, but it was not for me. Besides getting dirt in/on a contact is the worst.
One year later, my eyesight is perfect. My eyes do get dry. I have rewetting drops stashed in both cars, at home, and at work. I try never to be too far from them. If my eyes get dry at night it can be a bit painful first thing in the morning but it has only been bad once and that was months and months ago.
In a nutshell I would definitely do it again. I have been completely happy with Hoopes also. They have taken great care and concern with my eyes. Really thorough! And while it is a drive (which I hate to do), it has been worth it.
Here's to 20/20 vision...actually better!
And thanks to Chris for (constantly) suggesting/pushing me to do this.

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Jen Hanks said...

Shannon is getting it done at Hoopes in a few weeks. They should sponsor you:)