Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Weekend #3

For the third (wondrous) weekend in a row, we headed South. This time we returned to St. George with Karl and Carson. It was like old times when we used to road trip with them for races. We started out the weekend on Church Rocks-Prospector-Dino Cliffs. Kevin, Kenny, and Heather joined us. Prospector just flowed and Chris stayed behind me the whole time chanting "kill it". I had planned to take it easy as it was the start of three days and I still did not feel 100% from last weekend's four day binge. But I could not fight it as my heart rate hit the mid-170's--not as casual as I had intended. 

Then we met Keith and Ty out on Paradise for a little more. This time it was Chris, KC, Karl, Carson, Kevin, Keith, and Ty. I asked Ty if he felt out of place riding with the rest of us. He said we could just call him Ky. 
The next day we did Zen (I love Zen!), Barrel Cacti, a bit of Bear Claw-Poppy, a very dusty Stucki, Rim everything, Precipice-Sidewinder-Barrel Roll. 

Duff and Brandon were there

So were Lynda and Keith

Kevin, Carson, Ty

And Kenny (with Lynda and Keith
The weather was cloudy but still warm. The trails were dusty and a bit sandy but it did not slow things down much. The day was long for many of us. I know my legs were beginning to feel it towards the end and I had to take it down a bit. I hurt Chris' bike again too. I slammed the bash guards, bending them which required a trail fix. I also put another smaller scratch on the handlebars. He said that I made them (the handlebars) mine.
We ended the trip with a smaller group--Karl, Carson and us--out on Gooseberry. We rode it Holley style which means South Rim, out and back on Hidden Canyon, the rest of South, White to Yellow, North Rim to Bowls and Ledges, out and back on Windmill, back to Bowls and Ledges, White, and then a bit of South back to the car. That is our route. We rode steady but not necessarily fast. I did not have any fast left in me. Chris crashed on Hidden Canyon dislocating his finger. Karl came to his rescue again and put it back in place. Thanks again Karl. He was still able to ride but he did not have the same oomph.

Can't wait for our next adventure in the Red Rock.

Kevin saying Hi

Brandon and Duff getting situated

Ty, Carson, Bill just waiting

Karl, Kevin, Chris

Kevin atop Sidewinder

Ty with his mustache

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