Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bikes and Sunshine

We have been able to escape the snow a couple of times and ride in St. George. It has been delightful. We are so lucky to live in an area that has such diversified climates in close proximity. While I know it was "nice" at home this weekend, in St. George we were able to ride in just jersey and shorts--no warmers needed. Chris was even able to ride without arm, knee or ear warmers. That is saying something.
As we were finishing a portion of our ride and about to start again a long train of locals pulled up. Some four hours from home we ran into practically everyone we would see on our local trails. It brought a smile to my face as I have missed associating with all of them through the winter. It is amazing how secluded the weather can make things without really noticing. Although they were heading up what we had just done, we decided to join them and ride it again.
 Last time we were down there, we had the opportunity to stay with great friends from the Mad Dog team. These guys have always been synonymous with mountain biking to us. They provided camaraderie and assisted us in our development and growth in the sport. I always enjoy hanging out with them.
It is always fun too to see ET and JH on the trails. While my competitors, I admire their abilities and discipline. So while the bikes and sunshine are great, the people are the icing on the cake or mountain biking. 

Group on Zen by the Rock Pile
Photo Cred: Adam Lisonbee

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