Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rocky Mountain Element 999 RSL

I finally got my bike put together and took it out to play in the dirt for the weekend. And it was good. I got the Rocky Mountain Element 999 RSL. After having been on Gary Fisher/Trek bikes for...well ever almost, I was a bit apprehensive to ride something different. My worries were unfounded. This bike was comfortable, smooth, and fast.
We bought the frame and then selected the parts I wanted. I am running the Sram XX1 w/ a 32 tooth front chain ring and the 42-10 cassette. It was all I needed even on day three. I also got a 30 tooth chain ring just in case, but I think the 32 might be all I need. I chose the grip shift over the trigger. I rode with grip before the 10 speed came out and loved it. The XX1 grip is much smoother. At first I would over shift some but got used to it pretty quickly.
I went with Shimano brakes. I don't really know how to review brakes. These ones worked. They scrubbed off speed when I needed them to so so and stopped. They just worked.
I also have the CTD lock out for my dual suspension. One lock out for front and rear. I really like this. I hardly used the Climb mode. It is really stiff and will likely use it primarily for long smooth climbs and I did not encounter many of those yet. The Trail mode was good for almost everything. It allows just the right amount of cush for techy climbs and bumpy flat sections. But when the trail went downhill I loved being in Descend. After riding my hardtail for a bit this was a welcomed amenity. 

Look at the size of that cassette.

I am using wider handlebars than I have in the past. This isn't necessarily awkward, but different. I think I like them. There was one boulder on Suicidal Tendencies that I would knock on the way back, but other than that they were great. I am also using a Fi'zi:k saddle. When I first got on I thought it was going to be a long weekend. It was surprisingly comfortable. I had no undercarriage issues at all. I would highly recommend Fi'zi:k. Lastly I am using Chris' Roval wheel set. I am going run my Stan's Race Gold but like everyone else am waiting for the conversion kit to become available. I tore a sidewall it Chris' rear tire. Oops! It was a sizable gash. I felt bad, but I don't know how to avoid that besides not riding or being ultra conservative. 

Anyway, I am super pumped about my Rocky Mountain, the XX1, and riding for Kuhl and Slim & Knobby's this year. Now if we can just get rid of this snow and dry out. 

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