Sunday, March 24, 2013

Breaking Point

As the week progressed and we realized that spring would not be present this weekend, we thought of heading South. Chris has been wanting to go to Moab for months now, but it hasn't really worked. I have had conflicts or the weather or something. So we planned on a day trip.
Then we woke up to inches of snow on Saturday morning. We knew Saturday was going to be chilly and since it stays light later, we did not worry about getting a super early start. We woke up to much more snow than I had anticipated. I knew we would still have some storms, but this was bigger than I imagined. I did not have the heart to tell Chris about my apprehension. We followed our predetermined schedule. It continued to snow. As we were packing up the car, Chris told me we would give it a go and if the canyon was bad we would turn around. O.K., that sounded good.
We headed up toward the canyon and the it was obvious the plows had not been out yet or for very long. As we got closer though the main roads looked better. We headed up Highway 6 and it was surprisingly in fair condition. Chris was cautious but it was not crazy. A few miles into the canyon and it was all good. The storm must have gotten "caught" at the base and it was smooth sailing to Price and beyond.
We got to Moab and rode Pipe Dreams after a quick stop in town. It was warm with a chilly breeze, but much better than what we left. It was not a no dab day but the trail was delightful. A nice little warm up.
Then we headed to the Moab Brand trails. The wind seemed to pick up as we were driving North, but at the trailhead it was not any worse than Pipe Dreams. We did the usual sans-Sovereign because we both wanted to hit North Klondike Bluffs. By the end of the North 40 though I was beginning to feel it.
We then headed further North to NKB. Parked. Got ready. It was getting cooler. And we headed out. I had lost some of my pop, but Dino Flow still flowed. We came straight back on EKG which was slow going for me. I am so out of shape these days. None the less, we got in five hours of riding before heading back home. We left around 8 am and returned just before 10 pm. Totally worth it.

Here are some photos of past rides. Nothing from this time to stop. I was chasing Chris all day.   I believe these are from a trip to St. George in January courtesy of Keith.

Adam and Chris



Daniel said...

Oh, so those were you guys. You passed me on the Bar B trail. I was that fat biker dude in a red jacket, LOL. I figured it was you and Chris. I wanted to say hi but wasn't sure.

KC said...

Dan: I sorry we did not recognize you. We would have loved to say hi. It took us forever to catch you. You were carrying a great pace.
Hope you had a great ride--love that area.