Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feeling Better...Finally

So after two weeks of feeling terrible, I finally started to feel normal last weekend. We stuck around home but still got some great riding. Trails are starting to dry out here and turn green again. It is glorious--both spring setting in and feeling better.
Unfortunately though my knee was pretty sore afterwards. So then I had to take another two days or so off the bike. 2013 is going to be crazy. 
This weekend we headed down to to St. George. The weather was absolutely divine. Adam and I went for a ride on Saturday. Trying to avoid racers, we hit Rim Runner and Precipice-Sidewinder-Suicidal Tendencies. On the top of Rim Runner I got off the single track a bit and washed out. As I am falling I notice my face is heading towards a decent sized rock. I start thinking this is going to be really bad. Somehow my head and face avoided it--thankfully. As I got up though I noticed I was missing my watch. I sliced the band clear through. Son of a...! It was Adam's first time on Suicidal. I am not convince he really liked it. Although it can be a lot to take in the first time.
Then I headed back for the end of the True Grit. Chris had already "finished". His race took twist. After his first lap on Barrel Roll, he thought his number plate needed to be checked so he stopped at the course marshal/timing official. Unfortunately, he was told he not only did not need to "check-in" but he was to head back to the finish. He asked if he needed to do a second lap on Barrel Roll and was told no. He went to the aid station there and asked again for confirmation. He was again instructed to return to the start/finish. So he did (as did the first six riders or so). None the less, he was given wrong instructions. This was after he spent the entire race playing catch up because he sliced a side wall in the first few miles of the race. Not really a good day for him. I still thought he did well considering.

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