Friday, May 17, 2013

Access Denied

On Wednesday morning I hit the dirt before I had to head up to the airport for a trip to Sydney Australia for a Distributor event. Nothing like a nice dirt session before heading for a long, long flight. The morning was perfectly warm. Right before getting to the trail, I encountered my first snake of the season. He was just relaxing across the road soaking up some morning sun.
Can you see the snake?
 After peaking and starting my descent into dry canyon, I took a moment to capture the wild flowers. They started blooming this week. It adds to the beauty of the mountains. My ride was definitely the best part of the day.

Wild flower are blooming. Dry Canyon Loop
When I got to the airport, I couldn't print my ticket. I was instructed to see the ticket agent. She informed me that I needed a Visa to enter Australia. The market staff booked my ticket and did not instruct me to get a Visa nor did they get one for me. I was only issued a ticket to LA. I tried to get an electronic Visa, but after speaking with my department administrative assistant who consulted with our corporate travel specialist I was told it would be 24 hours before the Visa would issue. I needed the Visa before I could get the ticket.
So I went to the gate and informed the agent there and let them know I was not getting on the plane and to pull my luggage. I was heading home. I felt really bad about this; I felt as if I was letting the market down as they had been promoting the event. None the less, Australia would not have me.
A little disappointing as I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Sydney since I first saw photos of the Opera House in the 5th grade. Maybe another time...

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