Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Capitalize

Since I ended up in town this weekend, I tried to capitalize on the fact and get some riding done. This was a bit easier said than done given the weather. We have had to try to squeeze ride time in between rain drops.

Given the weather, we have been lucky and fairly successful. One ride took us to the top of Rock Canyon. The initial plan was to descend Squaw Peak, but the road got muddy toward the top. We thought that was a bad sign and would be indicative of a muddy, single track descent. So we turned back and came down the way we ascended. I think we spent two thirds (at least) of the ride time climbing and maybe one third coming back. It was a constant grind for me, but fun none the less.

Chris practically floating up the road

Putting a little distance between us

A view from the top into the valley

Happy Chris

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