Sunday, June 09, 2013

Just a week

 Riding this week was a little more sporadic than I would have liked. I just had some conflicts that made it more difficult. Although I did have the opportunity to help out family and spend time with my favorite little guys...even if they were not feeling so well.
Saturday Chris was racing the WB50 in Heber. I really needed to ride my bike. So after the race started I went to take some turns on the dirt at Dutch Hollow. While small Dutch Hollow has some nice sections. It was warm pretty early, but still relatively comfortable. I got bored and/or lonely by myself so it was a shorter ride.

Midway from the Burnt Trail
 I had hoped to get back in time to see Chris come through on his lap. I apparently just missed him. (Note: I was not in charge of handing off any bottles at this time.)  As I was getting out of the car I was informed that he had just gone through. He was looking comfortable and in 4th place. While I was pleased he was doing well and going fast, I was upset that he was so fast that I missed him. None the less, their was little rush now to head up to the feedzones. I talked to one of the race directors (and friend) who confirmed the update. I thanked him for his time and efforts in putting this together. I ran into others and chatted a bit before meeting up with Joan and company.
A couple of hours later Chris came through again. He was pretty much on schedule based off of his first lap time. He was nestled pretty comfortably in third place. As he approached, I asked if he needed anything. No response. I asked if he was good on fuel. No response...except he threw his water bottle at my feet. As he went by I told him I loved him. No response. Things seemed good.
I knew he was really close to finishing and barring anything catastrophic he would likely remain in this position--which he did.
Sam, Chris, Ben, Bryson, Cary, Geoff

Chris was super excited for this trophy. So cool.

  Chris and I did a road ride. I have not been on one for....I don't know a really long time. Both my tires were flat and low or out of Stans. Chris took care of all of that for me though. I was getting ready and filling my pockets with necessities--tools, tube, tire levers, air, tube, phone, etc. As we were walking out the door, Chris looks at me and questions my tube. Out of habit I had grabbed a mountain tube. I start to mumble my response about being silly and out of practice as he walks over to his mountain bike. He starts laughing and says it's okay. He is riding his mountain bike but has a road tube so we are covered. Yep, we are definitely meant for each other.

This installment of "How I know I am slow": The day after riding (i.e. killing it) the WB50, Chris and I do a road ride. He is on his mountain bike and I on my CX/Road bike and I am having difficulties keeping up with him.

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