Sunday, June 16, 2013

Riding with the Girls

This week I did a lot of riding. Well, I rode for several days in a row although none of the rides were very long. I rode some by myself. Tiffany continues to indulge me and is gracious enough to ride with me. I really appreciate the company.
I also was invited to help out with Revolution's Roxx Ride. They get a huge turn out and it is really well organized. They break up into groups, teach skills and then go for a ride at Corner Canyon. CC is a great venue for this as it has a large parking lot, a cycle park, and a network of trails.
I thought this was great. I really enjoyed hanging out with those that I normally race against and feeling somewhat equal to them. Everyone was really kind and gracious about my belly.

Erika and me talking skills

Practicing pedal wheelies

Demonstrating going over an obstacle
 The next day was my ride at Dutch Hollow. Jolene was the only one who showed up. We carpooled there and rode for a bit then came back. It was a nice time. All the trails are dry, dry, dry. We could really use some moisture on them.
I took Friday off. I came home and was totally lazy. I laid around and didn't do anything really. It was just what I needed after a couple of later nights.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I caught the tale end of this BYU Devotional on TV today. I was bummed I had missed it but found it online. I was super stoked. It is by an Exercise Physiologist professor at BYU on the Human Body. I love his thoughts as I have often felt the same way about our responsibility to take care of our bodies. Take a listen; I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Jen Hanks said...

Check out the pregnant chick doing wheelies and launching logs. KC you are awesome!