Sunday, July 07, 2013

Rain. Rain. Rain.

We have had the most lovely, amazing, much needed rain storms this week. For the entire month of June we were dry, dry, dry...and hot! During the later part of this week, we have had storms roll in during the evening and/or afternoon. It is funny how much I can miss rain.

Rain outside my front door
Chris and I have gone back and forth on my riding status. He has not appreciated the speed (and I might add skill) in which I continue to descend. He suggested that my time on the dirt had come to an end for the time being. As I respect his opinion and understand that he has some stake in all of this, I agreed...reluctantly. A day or so later, I renegotiated so that I can continue to ride select trails that remain relatively flat. He compromised.
As such I rode Crop Circles a couple of times this week. It is really weedy, but with long socks it is not too bad even when it was crazy hot. I lucked out and there was a pleasant breeze. While riding it in the heat, I reminisced about the time Chris and I were riding it and got caught in a chilly spring shower earlier this year. That sounded incredibly delightful at this time. Later in the week, I rode it again and this time it looked like it might actually storm. And later that evening it did. Ahhh....
We also went up and rode the Snowbird this week. It was so awesome. I remembered loving the new course last year. This rekindled the admiration. I wished I could have raced it. That single track (both the climb and descent) is so amazing. I can't believe the numbers for the race were so low and no Pro Women showed up. That made me sad. 


Gayle said...

You should have entered! A 'preggers podium' pic would have been cool!

KC said...

Alas, I am trying to avoid photos these days. And I would have been out on the trail FOR-EV-ER, I probably would have missed the podium.

Cerys said...