Sunday, June 30, 2013

It went down

I think that is how to best sum up my week. It started off good and then slid a little out of control.
I was going to start loosing vacation hours, so I asked Chris to join me while I took a day off. He was game as I expected. We had a relaxing start to our day and then headed up the canyon for a ride. The plan was to do a Tibble Fork Loop (starting on the Provo side of the canyon). When we got to the top we made our first edit. As Chris said, I was riding well, but struggle on the steep stuff. There is quite a bit of steep stuff coming out of Tibble Fork. We opt to not drop all the way down, but just head over to Mill Canyon.
Before we get to the turnoff though, I am already beginning to feel fatigued. I would prefer to just do the shorter loop. I ask Chris how he is feeling and if he wants to do Mill Canyon. He says he is indifferent. I don't want to seem like a wimp so I head towards Mill Canyon with Chris behind me.
I took the descent really easy which diminished some of the "fun factor", but I know it makes Chris happy and is the right thing to do. Climbing out was a beast, but I did it. We rode for 4+ hours. I am exhausted.
I did not do much more riding. I did a little something on Wednesday. On Thursday I had to go to San Jose for work. It was a quick day trip. Crazy to jump on a plane with next to nothing. Friday I had an appointment after work which did not go as well as I had hoped. None the less, I did not ride.
By Saturday, I am feeling it mentally and/or emotionally. I just did not feel good..right. Chris was going a long ride with a friend. I tried the Murdock Canal trail. It was ok. I was just happy to be riding. I was amazed at how much better I felt afterwards.
I have always known that I need to exercise or be active to feel good about myself. But this year, especially lately, it becoming increasingly important to my well being.

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