Monday, November 04, 2013

More Riding...and Racing?

Last weekend was our annual trip with Chris's family. This year's destination was Moab. Because we went with family, we had baby and dog sitters which allowed us to go for rides together. I rode my mountain bike three days in a row...I can't remember the last time I did that. It felt good but definitely wore me out. Chris has photographic evidence, but I don't have access to it presently.
On the first day we hit Pipedreams. I did attempt to ride fast, but thought more about riding smoothly. I dabbed once or twice in both directions, but it was a good time. Pipedreams was a great trail to get back into the Moab riding. We rode the Moab Brand stuff the second day. We did the normal loop minus the North 40. I was pretty tired after EZ, Deadmans, Bar B, Longbranch, back on Deadman's and Lazy. Plus I needed to get back. The next day we rode up Amasa Back, Pothole Arch and came back on Captain Ahab. It was my first time on Captain Ahab. It was a bit overwhelming. I (think) I liked it. I am pretty sure I would like it if I did it again and look forward to becoming more comfortable with the trail.
This past weekend I raced 25 hours of Frog Hollow. I was on a team with Steve and Joan Mower, Monica Batley and their friend Nancy. It was really low key...just for fun. None the less, I wanted to see how I felt and gauge my performance. Just as I suspected I am slow. My first lap was a little frustrating at first. I kept getting passed by people. Then I took a deep breath and came to grips with it. I was doing the second lap, so their were faster people out than normal. (Normal being I usually do a later lap because I am on a co-ed team with faster guys.) And I haven't had a chance to ride or train as I normally would.
My second lap was better though. I attacked the climbs more and felt a little bit smoother on the descents. My second lap was a minute or two faster. Then it got dark. I was going to take it easy on the night laps. My first night lap was slow. When I got back I was talking to Larry who said he just threw down his fastest night lap on this course. That motivated me a bit. I also realized just before I did my second night lap that this would likely be my last lap. I wouldn't have an opportunity to do another day lap, so I pushed harder. I again shaved off a couple minutes compared to my first night lap.
Just to add a little perspective, my fastest day lap was around the time of my night laps last year. So I have some work to do. My initial focus though is going to be on improving my core and ensuring I have a good base per recommendations from Lynda Wallenfels during her open coaching day.

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