Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Preoccupied, Lazy or Both?

I haven't been riding like I think I should. In pondering this I have come up with three potential reasons.
Reason 1: I am preoccupied. At present my schedule is a bit limited due to the nurturing of a future cyclist. This nurturing calls for constant attention and a need from me every three to four hours. This event is best done at home, but I suppose I could do it out and about. But then I would need someone to assist me while I ride.
Chris has been very willing to do what he can and offer assistance. None the less, this has been increasingly complicated by car issues. It took a week of being in and out commission for us to get it registered this year. And then I ended up with a cold that turned into a sinus infection. Every bump on the road hurts my face and teeth. Even riding inside with my head down causes pressure and pain. I did score some antibiotics so hopefully I will be feeling better soon.
Reason 2: I have been lazy. Similar to this past spring, I have been chilly and thus it has been difficult to get motivated to ride even knowing that it really is not that cold out. I don't know why I do this. My laziness is likely exasperated in part by sleepiness. I have always been one who relished her sleep and now my sleep is very disrupted at best.
In reality it is likely a combination of my preoccupation and laziness. None the less, I am trying to recommit myself to training. While not always the most fun, going to spin and riding some at home seems like the easiest options at present.

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