Monday, January 06, 2014


December was not such a good month for riding. While some people were able to get out and enjoy riding their bikes, I was not one of them. The first weekend we had a big trip down South scheduled. We had a babysitter lined up, friends were joining us, and everything. But a storm was suppose to roll through St. George. And apparently it did in a big way. They got clobbered with snow and they remained pretty socked in for over a week, including the following weekend.
This brings us to the third weekend. Again, we thought about going down but ended up deciding not to go. We couldn't really find people to join us on rides. We decided to wait and go down the next weekend instead. Friends were going to be down then and we would have people to join us. I had my bags packed and ready to go on Friday night. (And they are still packed, actually.) I was excited. Then in the wee hours of the morning I felt it. I had a killer sore throat, two ear aches and a head ache. I woke up frequently and each time I kept hoping to feel better.
I must of woke Chris up because he asked me something in the early morning and I told him I did not think I was going. I felt terrible...even after taking some medicine. That illness lasted for a week or so.
Now I am beginning to feel better and looking forward to the time when we get to ride on dirt in the sunshine. I cannot wait.
2014 hopefully holds better riding than has to right?

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