Saturday, April 12, 2014

Missed A Race For This

I usually love the early spring races as they are in St. George. It is fun to get out of Northern UT and soak up the sun while stretching the legs. Even though I am not as fast I had hoped I have still looked forward to these events. 
I missed the second ICUP race for a little Australia instead. It seemed like a fair trade off. I left on Monday afternoon, lost Tuesday completely and arrived on Wednesday morning. The office set me up on an afternoon tour of Sydney. Here is what I saw.

When I was in elementary school a picture of the Sydney Opera House was featured in one of my text books. I was enchanted and always wanted to visit. I still didn't get to actually visit it, but I did see it in person. It was beautiful.

Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge

AU version of Alcatraz

Harbor Bridge

My shadow

Infamous Bondi Beach

Don Riche Grove

Suicide Point

Navy Base

Most ships were looking for MY flight 370

I also visited Brisbane. I don't have so many pictures as I was there for a short 24 hours or so. I learned that Australia has lots of sandstone...which made me a bit homesick for Southern UT. It beautiful. The people are super friendly, but European-esque at the same time. The air felt muggy to me, but not too bad. I would definitely go back.

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