Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Six Hours of Frog Hollow

We visited "Frog Town" on Friday night. We both Chris and I wanted to get in a ride. I mostly wanted to see the new stuff. So I just did a quick half lap cutting out almost all the dirt road climb and the fun fast descent ending up at the Virgin River Trailhead. I did the new stuff and headed back. Chris did an entire lap and was gone for-ev-er. He got back not much before dark. I did get to hang out and say hi to some friends though which was fun.

Photo Cred Jamie Rees see
Day of was a bit more choatic than normal. Chris was getting ready to start per the usual. I was trying to help him as I could. He went out for a blazing fast first lap coming in first in a mere 47 minutes. I then went out. My first lap did not go so well. I slid out and went down on the road. My handle bars flipped around pulling my lock out cable from my fork. I thought my front end would be unlocked and super squishy the whole time, but instead the front end felt crazy stiff. Ryan helped me fix it (or more like I helped Ryan fix it) and my second lap felt much better than my first.

Because the course was different it was hard to know what constituted a fast time. I thought I was pretty quick, but after seeing times...not so much. But then I compared them to my 25 hour times six months earlier and they seemed better.

I still have alot to do. Given the situation I thought the day went pretty well. I look forward to the time when our "support" can actually support as opposed to being a simple baton. But she was really pretty good all day.

Photo cred MTB Race News

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