Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Redemption Finally.

I finally, finally finished True Grit. What a relief. I was so nervous as this finish has escaped me both times I have attempted. This year everything was better though...and the times show it. The weather was ideal. The trails were awesome--let's just say Stucki Springs was not an absolute chore. And my bike stayed together, tires and all.
The start was a bit sketchy as we took off with the guys. And I get anxious in a peleton so the first couple of miles on the road were not my favorite. Once we got on the dirt it was better, but it got really dusty until we hit the Green Valley race course. Then things seemed to calm down. By that time though I had no idea where I was in the group. I knew there were three maybe more girls ahead of me. So I just rode.
I did have to warn a few guys that I was going to be riding sections and they were pretty good about getting out of my way which was nice. Chris prepped me beforehand though reminding me that if I did not have a clear line on sections it is better to walk than ride them. I lucked out and got to ride everything I wanted.
I do feel as though I blasphemed Zen. I just felt like I cheated when the course took us around the waterfall section. I understand why it done, but it just did not seem right to me on a personal level.

As I stated Stucki Springs was not so bad this year. There was hardly any wind and nor dust. It was pavement-esque. This made it (seem) much faster. I always love climbing Rim Runner and was elated to climb back over the gate with air still in my tires. All I had to do then was Barrel Roll and back. I was so nervous at this point. All I could think about was keeping it together and ride smooth. Barrel Roll is scary to race. You can just see so many people and it is nearly impossible to tell if they are coming or going as the trail wraps around and around.
Finally, I was on the road back to the start/finish. Again, I was sure there were riders behind me about to pick me off. So I pushed and pushed. Excited to be all but done, but riding scared at the same time. And then I saw the final corner, family cheering, and I was done. Completely done.

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