Monday, March 09, 2015

Let it begin

My race season has started; the first ICUP MTB race was this weekend. Honestly, I did not have very high expectations. I spent the week prior traveling abroad so my schedule, diet, training and the like were all different. I had tried to put in a big block of riding so I could go into my travels tired. I also tried very hard to "train" while I traveled. This can sometimes be difficult as I am a bike snob.

The "bikes" to which I had access were uncomfortable at best. The seat was enormous so standing up was difficult. In fact, I had to drop the seat down in order to comfortably be out of the saddle. Staying in the saddle was equally uncomfortable as the adjustments made the seat height either a bit too high or a bit too low. Luckily, I had trouble sleeping. The early waking allowed time (and motivation) to hit the gym. 

Almost a bike
I got home on Friday after 5 pm. I had to unpack, pack again, pack for another, clean up from the travel funk, and get to bed so we could get up early and head down to St. George. I did not expect to do well. This weekend was more about next weekend than anything else. I figured getting hard effort in would help prepare for the long race I have scheduled. I lined up on the second row and as Chris said after the race, I did not have a good start. After a little bit though I started to reel in some individuals. There was a lot of back and forth for third, fourth and fifth place. I ended up in fourth quite pleased with my effort and outcome.

I was also very lucky to avoid getting taken out by a rider at the very end. A competitor had just gotten around him. I realized that he had a completely flat front tire. I alerted him I was approaching and started to go around him. Just as I did his front washed out and he went down. I felt badly and wondered for a moment if I should stop. I didn't though and was able to pass the competitor just before the end capitalizing on the fact that she made a mistake. I was completely spent by the end.

Photo Cred: Zep Tittensor

Photo Cred: Zep Tittensor

Travel photos
Shanghai in the morning

The Shanghai Innovation Park

Shanghai at night

No trumpeting?

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