Monday, August 03, 2015


That seems like the theme for my past few races. They have been a fight with different entities.
First there was Sundance. This is somewhat my home course as I do have an opportunity to ride it frequently. Although when this race took place I had not taken many of those opportunities. I felt strong that day. My start was weak, but I was able to make my way through the pack. I spent a lap or so in second place. I was so stoked, but the lost it to Nicki as she put in an attack to which I could not respond on the last lap.

Then there was Snowbird. I have a thing for Snowbird. I am not sure what it is, but I am enamored by this course. I had a horrific start. It was sad. I was way back in the pack--behind most of the semi-pro women. It was tough to make my way through and I wish I would have been more aggressive. I sat in a bunch behind people when I should have made my way around. None the less, I made up several places to take fourth. This was off the podium which was disappointing as the field was deeper than normal, but I felt like this was my best performance this year.

Last week was the Brianhead Endurance cross country race. I am not sure I did so well here. I spent most of the race being angry. The problem was me. I think I had romanticized this course. I have found memories of the old days racing the Brianhead Epic and my memories my not be reality. Thus, I was disappointed in what this course consisted. As my first lap was concluding, I had to convince myself that I was going to go out for the second lap. The second lap was better mentally and I probably would have had fun on it had I not been bitter about the first lap.

Monday, June 22, 2015

I got knocked down, but I got up again.

The Thunderbolt and I got off to a rocky start. I don't hold the bike accountable though. I am quite sure it was  result of user error. I had tweaked/twisted my knee previously. I was not sure about racing the Draper ICUP. I went back and forth and decided I had better. I think I did not prepare well and felt it on the climb, so I tried to make up time on the descent. I ended up, in what I perceived to be somewhat spectacularly, flying off the course. This just added to my discontent so I decided to just ride my bike as opposed to race it. I finished the "race", but I was passed by just about everybody...and I mean everybody. This was the third incident/crash, so I assumed I was good. So far, so good.
I then spent some time recovering and just taking it easy. My knee feels better although it was never that bad on the bike. I raced Deer Valley and felt good. I had a blast. I love, love that course. I wasn't sure I would get to race it, but Chris' step dad came up to help out. So grateful. I needed this day.
The next week was the Wasatch Back 50. I was incredibly nervous. It was warm and I was not sure how it was going to go for me. I started okay, but slowly made my way into contention on the climb. I lost a couple of places as I bobbled a pass. I just rode steady. On the descent I caught back up and was in 2nd after the first lap. I was stoked. Then lap two hit HARD. I tried to keep my wits about me and just ride steady. I lost a couple of places again and I hoped I could get them back as we descended.
The descent was LONG. I was in no mans land by myself. I had no idea if I was going fast or not as there was NOBODY around. And then just before I got to the road I saw carrot. I chased. I pushed so hard on the double track and entered the last little bit of single track on third places wheel. She slowed and I got into her rear wheel and I thought that was it. But just then she bobbled and I was able to get around. Third place by seconds for me. Ahh....
And Chris had good races at each of these event too. That makes it even sweeter.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

It is here.

 On Saturday I got this box. I have been waiting a long time for it and was super excited. It was a long day of putting it together (Chris did most to all of it).

The long awaited box

 The result was this. We will be making some slight changes on the accessories, but this was just so I could ride it in Moab that Monday. It handled the dirt and rocks like a pro. I felt super smooth and in control. I did go through the FIVE inches of plush travel on occasion. Chris asked about how it felt on the small bumps...I didn't even feel them.

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt

It has been hard to find the right window to ride these days. I did get out for a glorious ride  from home. This was a view on one of the peaks.

And I was able to sell my Element. This was with mixed emotions. I really liked it. I was grateful for the money, but it left a bit of emptiness in my heart. I am thinking that will be filled with my Thunderbolt though. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mesa Verde (SURPRISE) Mudder

Okay, I will be honest, I really don't know what a tough mudder is. I have not done any research on this, but none the less I whole heartedly believe I that I was thrown into a twisted version of one.
The 12 Hours of Mesa Verde weekend started like we expected. We arrived and rode the course. It was wet and tacky. It sprinkled on us a little bit but the course really handled the moisture well. We had checked the weather the night before we went to bed. It looked like the worse of the weather was over and the next day was going to be pure delight on a fast, fast course.
The pre-race meeting confirmed our expectations. The directors said the course should be great. Weather looked promising. Everything was a go.
Chris headed out. I did my thing getting ready, but it started to snow and get cold. I made some last minute attire changes dressing more warmly than I previously planned. Chris came in second place just behind the leader. He is so fast at these things. I went out hopeful.
I took some time to get a feel for the course as it was really wet. Chris and I discussed riding smart, so I did not want to blow it my messing up myself or my bike due to a slick trail. I knew I was riding slow. I finally took off my glasses and could see again. I sped up a bit. Things were going ok. I was wet, but not really cold. I got through Tuffy Rim which should be the end of the hard stuff. Now it was time for the fun.
Fun did NOT happen. The fun sections turned to muddy, clay messes. I spent the last three to four miles on and off my now 35-40 pound bike. I had to stop and clean it multiple times; the mud just stuck and nothing was moving. I pushed my bike up hills. I pushed it down hills. The mud would accumulate around my bottom bracket and push my chain off the chain ring. It was an absolute mess. I was a mess. The mud made everything cold.
My longest lap ever at MV had no redeeming value until it was over. They essentially called the race during my lap. They reassessed a couple of hours later but decided the trail could not take the moisture they had unexpectedly received. I guess we were lucky as our 12 hours of MV turned into 3 hours, but other teams only made it a little over an hour. And many individuals never even raced their bikes.
So if a Tough Mudder is slugging around in the mud going through obstacles (i.e. carrying a bike up and down slick trails), yes I have done one. I think I would like it better if I was prepared.
Of note, I have nothing but respect for the directors of the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde. They made logical and wise decisions in the heat of the battle. Kudos for sure.

Friday, May 01, 2015

6 Hours of Frog Hollow

I was so excited that Chris felt that he could race. I was really nervous/apprehensive for him though. I hoped that he and his shoulder would feel good and that he wouldn't be frustrated with either. After his first lap (coming in first) my worries were lessened. He was so fast all day.

I on the other hand did not perform so well. It is time to lighten up.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Moab Thaw

 The Moab Thaw was the inaugural ICUP EXC race. Thus it was longer, around 40 miles or so. The other really, really cool thing about it was the location--Moab. Moab is known for mountain biking but not so much for mountain bike racing. I believe this event can change that. The course was great, relentless, but great.
I still have quite a bit of work to do, but felt good about my performance. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Redemption Finally.

I finally, finally finished True Grit. What a relief. I was so nervous as this finish has escaped me both times I have attempted. This year everything was better though...and the times show it. The weather was ideal. The trails were awesome--let's just say Stucki Springs was not an absolute chore. And my bike stayed together, tires and all.
The start was a bit sketchy as we took off with the guys. And I get anxious in a peleton so the first couple of miles on the road were not my favorite. Once we got on the dirt it was better, but it got really dusty until we hit the Green Valley race course. Then things seemed to calm down. By that time though I had no idea where I was in the group. I knew there were three maybe more girls ahead of me. So I just rode.
I did have to warn a few guys that I was going to be riding sections and they were pretty good about getting out of my way which was nice. Chris prepped me beforehand though reminding me that if I did not have a clear line on sections it is better to walk than ride them. I lucked out and got to ride everything I wanted.
I do feel as though I blasphemed Zen. I just felt like I cheated when the course took us around the waterfall section. I understand why it done, but it just did not seem right to me on a personal level.

As I stated Stucki Springs was not so bad this year. There was hardly any wind and nor dust. It was pavement-esque. This made it (seem) much faster. I always love climbing Rim Runner and was elated to climb back over the gate with air still in my tires. All I had to do then was Barrel Roll and back. I was so nervous at this point. All I could think about was keeping it together and ride smooth. Barrel Roll is scary to race. You can just see so many people and it is nearly impossible to tell if they are coming or going as the trail wraps around and around.
Finally, I was on the road back to the start/finish. Again, I was sure there were riders behind me about to pick me off. So I pushed and pushed. Excited to be all but done, but riding scared at the same time. And then I saw the final corner, family cheering, and I was done. Completely done.