Wednesday, October 04, 2006

down south

we headed south for a big mt. biking trip. We started out in hurricane and st. george. we rode the hurrican rim->gem trail->gould trail system, bear claw poppy-seed, and gooseberry mesa. The weather was awesome...warm but not really hot. my wrist felt surprisingly well and I did not feel as though it inhibited me that much. in fact i made a climb on the first try that i usually have to try atleast twice. i was pretty excited about that.
then we headed to moab, which i was dreading. not moab itself, but driving to moab. the scenery on i-70 made it enjoyable. i had never been in that area before.
we camped the first night in the sand flats. tim, carson, and adam (gurtler) were meeting us there to camp and ride. while waiting, chris and i headed out on slick rock to mess around before dark. we only got a few miles in and then had to turn around. it was fun. the next day, we started out on amasa back--which is always fun. then we did slick rock. carson had never done this whole trail before. chris broke his pedal at mile six or so and rode/ran back. i felt badly for him.
then we got to the real reason for being there to pre-ride the 24 hour course. it was in really good condition. of couse it was sandy, it always is. almost everything was rideable though. we were going to do a night lap, but i wimped out. i was simply exhausted andmy wrist was aching badly. we were going to ride the next day too, so i opted to head back to the hotel.
finally in the morning, we rode soveriegn--which carson refers to chris' trail. chris and i rode from town and met the rest of the guys at the trail head. soveriegn too was great. it was a fun weekend!

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