Wednesday, November 01, 2006

chris and i celebrated halloween by mountain biking. it was quite festive. we did the race course up provo canyon twice and then headed for bonneville shoreline just past Nunns Park. this would have been a normal somewhat easy ride, but we were both on single speeds and it kicked my trash. i was dying. i know that i have had my ss for months now, but i have only ridden it up south fork and on the short course at soldier hallow. neither of these are very steep. yesterday's ride was a bit steeper. chris asked after i had to walk my bike for probably the third time if i was getting frustrated. i told him no and i really wasn't. normally i would because i feel bikes were made to ridden not pushed, but i allowed the ss to factor in and used it as an excuse.
i have had thoughts of only riding the ss for the off season to increase my strength and technique. maybe that will start after our trip to st. george this weekend though. i already told chris he could ride it.
i am still debating about that poprad. there has been talk of a redline conquest. the pro's on the redline are availability (it is available) and sizing (it comes in a 44). i really like the idea of disc brakes though. i have heard that they are not allowed in UCI races, but am i ever going to do an UCI race really?

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