Thursday, November 02, 2006

i was able to sneak away from work yesterday and go ride. well, i probably didn't sneak, i just went. i was chilly on most of the ride but it was not too bad until about 5 or 6 blocks from work. i got stuck by a train that was sitting on the tracks. normally, you would think "well just go around". option number one, over the bridge, was entirely too busy. option number two, another crossing a bit west had the same train sitting on its tracks--which would explain why option number one was incredibly busy. so i tried to be patient. i took some pictures.
this one illustrated a couple of options if i was insane. i could have cyclocrossed my road bike inbetween cars. i had the time easy. there is an amazing amount of room underneath the cars also. realistically there were only eight cars to the east (left) of what was on the tracks and i could have gone around, but i am scared of trains. i can ride a train no problem but i don't like to be close to the outside of them. this stems from a childhood experience with my brother. below is my shadow while i take pictures waiting for the train to vacate. not only did i have time to take some pictures, but i called chris and sent some text messages. getting started and the final few blocks was really cold though.

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