Friday, December 08, 2006

so here is what i got out of spin this week: again, keep your heart rate below 160-165 for the same reason--i obviously do not want to burn muscle. and i can burn ,apparently at this heart rate, between 600-900 calories in a 45 minute class!
reality: we warm up for 10 minutes while the teacher is putzing around and 45 minutes after the warm-up began, so 35 minutes after we are really working out, it is time to cool down. i weigh in at about a buck 20. am i really going to burn that much? i am guessing no, even if i do go all out (btw i am not afraid to sweat and tend to push pretty hard). how much mass would someone have to have to burn that? i really find this to be seriously misleading especially for those individuals struggling with weight management. i was going to say something as i continued to pedal after class was done, but she took off pretty fast and i did not want to say anything in front of others.
maybe i am being to harsh. maybe these things do happen. maybe spin rooms are doorways to alternate universes and when the lights go down, the pounds melt off. that must be it.

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Adam Lisonbee said...

Next time she talks about muscle burning, have this article printed out and hand it to her.