Sunday, June 17, 2007

It was a long, but long. It has been said that the intermountain cup series is very competitive. I always thought that this was something people just said to make us feel better. It is pretty much true though. Many of the racers from the ICUP placed extremely well in their categories. Chris was able to upgrade to Semi-Pro based on his past results in ICUP. I on the other hand could only upgrade to Expert...there is no Semi-Pro class for women.
Chris had his race on Friday. He felt great and did really well. He placed 3rd out of 57 racers. He is amazing. Saturday we watched the sports and pro's race. We did not ride much--just a single lap on the course--because my race was the following day. I promised Chris that I would ride with him after my race to get some miles in. My race went really well also. I felt great and was able to pull away. Then after awards like I promised, we went for a ride. I felt pretty good for the first hour and a half or so. We ran into a couple guys attempting to make a repair on the trial. They were a bit clueless and Chris fixed it. It took about 15 minutes or so. After that my legs felt terrible. Two hours racing and two and half hours riding makes for a long day on the bike.I have girls camp this week, so I won't be able to ride so much. Which is actually good because it is the 12 hours of the e100 on Saturday. I need the rest. I will miss the weekly race though and I am bummed about that. I haven't raced at soldier hollow at all this year except for the ICUP race.

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Adam Lisonbee said...

Nice work!

Don't take any sass from those girls this week.

See you Saturday.