Sunday, June 10, 2007

on friday i did a quick ride on the road with some intervals just to get a spin in. i had not ridden since tuesday due to the weather and conflicting obligations. i rode from work and as i was coming back to my car...i didn't really crash, but my bike went down and i had to bail off of it. it was all me and no car was involved. it was on of those situations where i just was not paying enough attention and did something dumb. it was caused by a small lip to a driveway. there also happened to me two guys painting the stairs right there and they saw the whole thing and looked a bit concerned. i was unscathed physically, but felt incredibly ridiculous.
saturday's race started off about the same way. deer valley starts with a series of climbs and then comes down some switchbacks. the field started off really fast and i started the descent in decent position which i lost as i slid off the trail and my bike on those first switchbacks. i am not sure entirely what to attribute it to, but i think it may have been related to a locked out fork which did not react like i expected it to. i was also probably too far forward. needless to say, i was again unscathed for the most part. i now had quite a bit of time to make up. as i remounted my bike i realized that my handle bars were a bit off center. it was really noticeable for the first bit and i kept thinking i may need to stop and straighten them. i was able to continue without have to stop and fix them though. going down made me much more cautious on my first two laps, but my last lap seemed to flow better. in the end i lost fourth place in a sprint. deer valley was good...hopefully next weekend i will be for NORBA.

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