Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I cheated. I rode my geared mountain bike, but I am not sorry. That bike is so smooth. It rides smooth; it shifts effortlessly; it is amazing. I can be lazy too. Climbing is so easy. I love it. I have yet to replace my chain on my SS, so I haven't been able to ride it. Hopefully, tonight I will get the new chain on it.
Today, I timed trialed up Squaw Peak road. I did it in 30 minutes and 08 seconds. I couldn't get my heart rate above 170 for the longest time. I finally broke through on the final ascent where it really kicks up. My legs were heavy and there was a funky feeling in my left quad. So I am thinking that if I felt better I would be faster.
The colors are really changing. chris said he heard from one of the fine local metreologist that the leaves are not going to be as vibrant this year. I haven't seen it though. The mountains are looking pretty incredible.

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