Thursday, September 27, 2007

We did a night run up Amasa Back. We left around 9:30 and only went about half way up. This is the way we used to ride it all the time. It seemed so different in the dark. It was really cool. We turned around and Chris mentioned as he usually does that I need to be careful. He should have listened to his own advice. He ended up endo'ing and breaking the mount of his light. He ended up taping his light to his stem, but it was not aimed very well at all. That made for some slow going on the way down.
The next day we rode Flat Pass as an out and back. This was my third time on this trail and it was the most fun. There is lots of technical climbing (ledges) and descents. It was crazy, but fun. Chris said that I climbed as fast as I descended. This is not to say that I climbed so fast, but I descended very cautiously. There is something more intimidating about a rocky trail vs a smooth one. I just kept thinking how much it would hurt to crash, so I made sure I didn't.
Because both of these trails were ridden by just Chris and me, there are not pictures because I knew I would not have time for any kodak moments.
After Flat Pass we headed home. It was probably the longest weekend we have been able to spend riding for quite some time.

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