Saturday, September 29, 2007

Riding back home is not quite as exquisite as riding in moab, but it has been pretty good this week. We have been able to get out quite a bit. On my ride on Thursday, I realized that there was snow on the top of the mountain in Mapleton.Further on in my ride, I pass a pumpkin patch. Snow...and the pumpkins have not even been harvested yet.Last night, Chris and I rode up Provo Canyon for about 90 minutes. We ended up doing Bonneville South and I made the first switch back and it was tricky. There was another guy there pushing his bike. I had to come to a complete stop, track stand, and then continued on. It was awesome. I could never do it again...on purpose. We then headed back to the cars threw on our lights and did a night ride up Frank's and down dry canyon. There were these crazy birds that eyes glowed in the lights. They would not move until we were practically on top of them. It was nuts and scary because they would practically fly into us.
We rode more than normal for Friday because the weather was supposed to take a turn for the worse. The storm ended up coming in later than expected and we were able to squeeze a ride in this morning. We finished in the rain. And now it is snowing. I am pretty sure the pumpkins still have not been harvested yet.

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