Friday, October 26, 2007

all day today all i could think about is how i would rather be riding my bike. finally, i had put in my time and took off. i could not get a hold of chris to see what his plans were and when he might join me. so after four unanswered phone calls, i decided i would do bonneville south and then see about meeting up with him.

I love bonneville south. I don't know why, it just fun. Do to moisture and then time constraints i had not ridden it all week, so i was excited. i was on my geared bike so i was able to make the climbs. chris had been up the canyon on a job which is why he did not answer. he called mid trail and told me he would not be able to join me. So I decided to go a head and ride what we affectionately refer to as the burn trail. it has an unfortunate accident earlier this summer and burned, but life started to return about a month or so. each time we had ridden this trail, i had forgotten my camera. today i had it.

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