Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ok so i am stoked. I really hope this does not get misconstued in any way, i am just excited. why you may ask? I am getting to it. my story starts on friday. so i picked up the most recent cycling utah after work on friday as i departed Racer's Cycling Service. i read a little here and a bit there. this month they named their cyclist of the year...kathy sherwin and bart gillespie took the honors again. Deservedly mind you. I am not completely sure how cycling utah arrives at their cyclist of the year, but i know that i got a ballot to vote for individuals. i did not think much of it. anyway, it was a lengthy article so i did not bother looking at the back page where the story continued. Kathy and Bart are fast and place in lots of "real" races; enough said.
then on sunday, i had a bit of time so i picked up the paper again. forgetting that it was a continuation, i read the back page. I about fell over when i got to the end of the second column. Well, I did not really almost fall over and i just broke out in a huge, unbelieving grin. I seriously was dumbfounded. I know to most people this does not mean anything, but i really view myself as "just another girl on a bike". I thought it was pretty cool. It really does not change anything though, I will always be just another girl on a bike.
To make things even better the Tour of Utah is returning next August. See page 5. Sweet!


Adam Lisonbee said...

Cool! You earned it!

29er said...

Congrats! I've seen you race several times. All those laps you! A well deserved recognition.