Monday, December 17, 2007

On Saturday chris and i tried to ride up provo canyon. it did not work so well. The snow was crusty on top and wet underneath. This made steering a nightmare, even with chris's rear snow wheel.
Chris' snow wheel--kits available for purchase.
We had no control as the snow pushed up around. We stuggled with this for about an hour and then called it quits. Luckily though, Carson, Karl, and Scott had planned a ride on the bonneville shoreline trail above springville. we grabbed a quick bit to eat and met up with them.
Carson and Karl on Bonneville "extreme" South
The purpose of this ride was dual. Karl has been in cahoots with Delta 7--a local builder out of Payson. He is trying to secure four arantix bikes for his 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo team to race down in the sunshine come February. Apparently, there is only one of these bikes fully built (and pictured below) and a frame. It takes something like 300 hours to hand build or weave one of these bikes. That accounts for the hefty price tag I suppose.

Attempting to switch the pedals on the Delta 7 Arantix
We were each able to ride it around a bit in essenatilly a parking lot type area. I have not been on a 26 inch wheeled bike for some time. The wheels are small. We did not have the proper tools to remove the flat pedals and switch them for egg beaters so it was difficult to get a real feel for it. It is kind of cool looking and eaily the most expensive bike I have ever ridden and probably ever will. I would want to make one into a 96er, but I would never spend that much on a frame. It was interesting though.

Scenic shot of the weekend--up the Alpine Loop

Chris digging into the snow pack up the Alpine Loop

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