Sunday, September 28, 2008

La Contess on Lake Las Vegas
Across the lake
Gelato? There were spritzers outside this joint.

It does not look like Vegas, but it is, almost. We were lucky and were able to stay way off the strip at Lake Las Vegas. We only had to go into the city for InterBike. I will talk about that in a day or so.

Keith hooked us up with the condo which was so nice. We did end up going back into the city to pick up and drop off Carson so he could ride with us out at Bootleg Canyon.

It was hotter than Haiti the whole time. It was not bad for riding, but we were going through water like crazy. (Vegas water is not so good either.) We rode a bunch of the cross country routes out at Bootleg--Mother, a touch of Boy Scout, Girl Scout, POW, Par None (I think), Upper Lake View and Lower Lake View. There are sections that just roll. It reminded me of Fruita a bit. It was pretty single speed friendly too. There were sections I had to walk. Then there were parts I ended up walking because I am a big baby and scare easy. I would scrub off speed because there would be a big drop off on one side this would not allow me to carry momentum to get up stuff. It was still pretty fun though. I also love the toys out at Bootleg.

Carson coming off the teeter-totter

Chris on the boards

I want Chris to build me some of these. Maybe for my birthday or Christmas if I am really nice.

Keith, Chris and I took a detour to Gooseberry Mesa on the trek home. We rode it just like last time, but on the one speeds. It was great. It made me feel better about the 1x1.

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