Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So Chris and I were able to go to InterBike again this year which was pretty cool. My InterBike experiences are so girl though. I get carried away in the new, shiny things...pretty stuff. I look at it, touch it, and I am done. Chris has to know how it works and I end up bored while he is just getting warmed up.

For example, one of our favorite booths was Calfee. They make the bamboo bikes which is totally cool and different. I like the way they look and had no problem spending ten minutes looking at them, feeling it, etc. Chris though had to ask about how the bamboo was treated. If they were using hemp for their bikes in Africa which drew him into further into discussions of their program to help with the transportation problems in Ghana. No less than a half an hour later we moved on, but I was obviously ready way before that.

Carbon fiber for the mass produced bamboo bikes

One of the coolest bikes at the show made of bamboo

The same thing happened at an electric bike booth. I found this even more ridiculous though because Chris would never want an electric bike. I know he covets the bamboo, so this at least made some sense. I guess the electric bike we looked at "stole" his idea.

We went down with Keith, so the main impetus was to schmooze. We were looking for additional sponosors for the Mad Dog Race Team and showing appreciation for the ones we had.

I also was able to talk to a couple companies about personal sponsorship. This started almost on accident and then apparently became a precedent. We had stopped by the 9er bike booth and were looking around when we were approached. I asked if they make a small and what that actually means--17 inch bikes are not a small just because it is the smallest 29er the company makes. The answer was an affirmative and so he asked if I was interested. I responded almost flippintantly if they were sponsoring. He said that may be, so I got some contact info. Well, since I did it once, Chris seemed to expect that I would do it more. I found it much more difficult when it was planned though. I hate asking for this kind of stuff. Anyway, I did get a couple of other contacts and we will see.

Right now I have to get my stuff in order and make myself appear worthy of what I want. Hopefully, I can sell myself. Other picture worthy bikes from the show:

Chris is intrigued by the Jones bike

Salsa's Single Speed was very pretty...but not available in my size of course

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