Friday, October 03, 2008

I just get so nervous. I have put together my race resume which took a little research, but was fairly easy. The hard part for me is sending it out. I don’t know what it is, but it causes a LOT of anxiety for me. I am usually a pretty laid back individual—which I attribute to the fact that I am physically active. I think if I did not exercise it would have a profound effect on my personality. I would turn into this little ball all bound up and then I would most likely blow. But exercise (cycling) allows me to let go of most of that.
This is why I am so grateful for the two great rides I had this week. On Wednesday in celebration of Keith’s birthday, we rode up and around the Ridge Trail. It was beautiful. Chris and I parked at Vivian Park and then rode up to the Timp parking lot where we met the birthday boy, one of his friends from TX, Adam, Carson, Bill, and Steve. We climbed Jurassic Park to the top and then I am not sure where we went, but we ended up on the Ridge and it was good. The trails were in amazing condition, pristine. I did have some tire issues, but not bad enough to spoil anything.
Thursday night, after a little indecision, Chris and I ended up heading out for a night ride. It again was ideal. It was overcast which kept the temperature from dropping. We rode above Timp Park at the mouth of the canyon. I climbed better than I have for weeks even though it was difficult to identify the best line sometimes with our lights. I did descend cautiously though which was slow(er). It even sprinkled just a bit which was added to the fun.
So even with all this joy, I am still in knots about sending out race resumes. I have a couple out and am excited with the potential prospects.

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