Monday, November 17, 2008

Just got back from Temecula and it was good. Although I think it was a broad statment, Chris put it this way, Utahns are faster than Californians. Results are not posted yet, but we did really well and ended up winning the Duo categories. We finished with 14 laps. After my penultimate lap, I decided I would check results upon returning to the start finish to see if I HAD to go out. I mentioned this to Carson (who was racing with Karl). He said he had discussed this with Chris. Chris was going to ensure he got in with enough time for me to do one more. He had his eye on the overall win. I was spent, but I was not about to opt out of a lap unless there was no reason to do it.
The format of this race was a bit different than most 12 or 24 hour events that we have done. Usually, there is a cushion of time where people can go out or just finish. Or they have to be in 30 minutes before the 12 hour mark. At this event, the last lap has to be in before the 12 hour mark (9:00 pm) to count. So Chris came in just before 8, which gave me a little over an hour to complete our final lap. The whole time I was really nervous about coming in on time. This lap was somewhat eery. There was hardly anyone on the course--no lights and no one to really pass. At the aid station on the course, there was a guy. He asked the volunteers if there was enough time to make it in. They assured him there was, but as I passed him I still was not sure.
I was able to make it in with a little time to spare. Chris was right there. I assumed he was checking on time because I saw him walking by the finish table. I was so excited to be done. I was incredibly spent. So spent that I had to ride in one of these the next day.

Okay, so I did not HAVE to ride in one of those; we were just messing around. Those things are SO slow, even with weak, fatigued legs I could get around more quickly.

At the start of the race, the promoter (Jason) informed everyone that due to the number of entrants the race would start with a parade lap. The parade lap went around the camp ground and there was $50 dollars at stake to the first male and female finishers. Chris was so close. He technically was first, but in an attempt to follow the rules and dismount around the start/finish he locked up his wheel and did a 360 in the grass falling off his bike. This allowed three guys to get around him and he lost the monetary prize. He also attempted to be king of the mountains--the first guy up the climb, but fell a bit short. I did end up $50 for the fastest female lap. It was after they had changed (shortened) the course, so another girl, who rode for Sho-Air and Niner, won the fastest lap on the original course.

Karl and Carson did really well too. They took 4th in their category even with the stomach issues Carson had. Karl did two back to back laps. What a stud! And another testament to the speed of Utahns. I hopefully will get some pictures and results soon.


Krista Park said...

Nice riding! I was talking to some of the other teams and they kept mentioning the fast Fisher team. I finally figured out it was you guys. Way to go!

Olivia said...

You are my hero. Nice job! Love the picture of you in the gimp wagon, although I'm thinking it might be bad karma. Get outta there!

Dave Harris said...

Nice work kids.

You two need to put 24 hour natz on your '09 schedule. You'd be a tough team to beat. Take gears, Payson is a lousy SS course.

Red, white and blue jerseys are a fine addition to any cyclist's wardrobe!

KanyonKris said...

Good work, dynamic duo!

dug said...

hey, is that store where the rich people shop? none of those fancy carts at my harmons.


Sarah K said...

"Utahns are faster than Californians" - ouch! Slightly incomplete results are up on Great job out there, you guys killed it - but we had fun chasing you around all day!

mugimo said...

Great job guys!!! I hope you have the same idea of Utahns are faster than Californians when we go to the Sea Otter!!