Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taming the Tetons 2009.

We did the Jackson ICUP race this weekend. I raced my Gary Fisher Hi-Fi and it was good. I finally figured out how to ride it. Pre-riding still had me apprehensive, but the race flowed. Last year I got bounced all over the course and ended up going down on every lap. This years was smooth. They did remove some of the rockier sections which probably helped.
Chris had issues again. I felt badly. He finally felt good on the bike which he was stoked about. Then he DNF'd due to a mechanical. This time he ended up with a stick in his rear mechanism. He pulled it out, pedaled a couple times and sheared his derailleur hanger off. He attempted to make it into a single speed but apparently that does not work--it does not stay in a gear.
Luckily we had most of what was needed to fix it. So we were still able to ride more after the race. We found a really cool section of trail. Aaron, who commuted with us, had ridden in the area previously. It was great. We rode for around three hours with Keith, Tim, and Dave Dean. Then Aaron, Chris and I went out for another couple of hours. A good little bit of Leadville training.

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KanyonKris said...

I'm glad you liked that riding over in the Snow King area. I rode it instead of racing then told Aaron about it, gave him my map, and made some route suggests (some of which you used). I wish I would have had time to do the loop you guys did.