Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chris & KC's Day of Fun (Mostly)

Chris and I have been married for ten years today. We have changed a lot from the day we said "I do". It has been good though.
To celebrate we took the day off and did the things we enjoy doing. Keep in mind, we are simple people. We slept in until about 6:30 am and started the day off with a quick gift exchange as we got ready. We headed out on the road bikes to do the Nebo Loop. Chris did not wander too far ahead or behind me. We stopped at the Utah Lake look out as we normally do and chatted with some real bikers. Then we were off again. It seemed to go up and down forever on top today. My legs were happy to descend--they were really achy.
We got the normal chocolate covered chocolate doughnut at the gas station at the mouth of the canyon in Nephi. It was de-lish-ous! The wind seemed to push us through Mona. Then it turned on us. Chris pulled most of the way.
We had a small incident outside of Santaquin. You know how vehicles will pull onto the road from the left as you are riding by. It freaks you out because you have no idea what they are thinking or if they have seen you. So you go on the defensive. Well, that is what happened. This truck was pulling onto the road just as we were going by. Chris was in front of me. I was watching the truck closely to see what it was doing. Chris slowed down and I did not realize it. I looked up and he was right there. My front wheel must have touched his back and I went down. It happened so fast. I lost my balance, I skidded on my left foot, and down I went on my left side again. I slid a bit, but really I am unscathed. A little road rash on my arm. It always amazes me how protective spandex is.
Chris was "ticked" to say the least. The truck driver must have seen what happened in her mirrors and turned around to ensure we were okay. Chris went up to meet her and ripped into the driver--this lady. She started crying as she was obviously upset by the situation. He softened a bit and ended up educating her. I heard him tell her that she needs to treat cyclist as vehicles and she would never pull out like that if a car was approaching. She kept apologizing. She drove to where I was, apologized, made sure I was okay, asked if she could do anything. We said we were close to home and fine. She left. Chris then told me I needed to cry more to get out of things. He could not berate her when she was visibly upset--crying.
We made it home safely, showered, went into town for some food at a favorite, hung out, came home and watched video. It was a practically perfect day.
Thanks Chief. I love you and look forward to at least another ten years.


Keith said...

Congrats on 10 years. Does sound like a great day. Glad you are both ok. Tell that "hot head" hubby of yours to exercise a little restraint when 'educating' oblivious motorists.

Brad Mullen said...

You two are the perfect couple and are a real inspiration to me. I just love you guys and I'm glad you're ok. Happy 10th and here's to many, many more.

ER Dog said...

You two are so COOL together. Congrats.

Carson said...

Way to go guys!